My Personal Loss

My Personal Loss

It is impossible to write this message without talking about the terrible events of September 11th. This horror is so pervasive that it has affected us all. If we have not ourselves suffered a terrible loss, we are comforting others who have not been so fortunate.

My personal loss is my friend Chuck.

Charles "Chuck" Margiotta was always there for CAF. He was there at fundraising events. He was there at blood drives. He was also there at the World Trade Center, as one of the first heroic firefighters to arrive. It saddens me beyond measure to think that he will no longer be there for any of us.

Chuck leaves behind his wife, Norma; two young children; his parents; his brother, Michael; and scores of people like me who know and love him. I mention him because most of you have a "Chuck" weighing down your hearts as well. I mention him because he is my symbol of the hundreds of heroes and the thousands of people who lost their lives - people with grieving families and friends. I mention him because just when you think your load is too heavy, something happens to show you how heavy a load can be.

As always, my prayers are with you and everyone affected by Cooley's Anemia, but today let's go beyond our own troubles and pray together for all the Chuck's and their families, that they may know peace again soon.

Cooley's Anemia Foundation
November 2001