LOVE ALWAYS / Letters from 911

LOVE ALWAYS / Letters from 911

 Dear Chuck,

The little things we shared EVERY day are the things we miss the most:

- The excited glance to the sideline your children would give you during a game.
- The way you drove Mom crazy every day by taking pretzel rods from her jar and getting crumbs on the floor.
- The calls we made in the middle of the night to see if we were watching the same movie.
- The whiskey we shared and the phone call at the stroke of midnight every
New Years eve.
- Walking 2 doors down from your house to Dads in your old Farrell shorts and no shirt…in the dead of winter.
- The way you would always say, “No thanks. I just ate” and then sit down and devour another meal.
- The way your mouth would twist just a little whenever you told a lie.
- The warmth in your eyes when you looked at your family.
- The stubble of your beard and the smell of Old Spice when you kissed us hello and goodbye.

We draw strength from you every day…we miss you and love you.

 Staten Island Advance