Lt. Chuck Margiotta Memorial Winter Touch Tackle League

Lt. Chuck Margiotta Memorial Winter Touch Tackle League

The league, named after fallen firefighter CHUCK MARGIOTTA, has expanded to 26 teams from 18
Saturday, January 18, 2003



Just like the memory of the man the league is named after, the LT. CHUCK MARGIOTTA MEMORIAL WINTER TOUCH TACKLE LEAGUE continues to grow.

Named after the fire-fighting hero with a soft side and big heart who lost his life trying to save others during the Sept. 11 World Trade Center disaster, its only fitting that the league continues to grow as a tribute to his courage.

Started five years ago with eight teams, the loop, which begins ist 2003 season tomorrow, now features 26 teams (up from 18 last year) in three divisions.

The top division will be the International with 10 teams, while the American and National will have eight teams each. Every team plays a nine-game schedule, once in their own division, with the American and National playing two cross over games.

In the playoffs, after playing the first two rounds within your division, the remaining teams get thrown together for the quarter-finals, made more interesting by the league's handicap point system.

The semifinal and championship rounds will be played as a double-header with the champion having to win twice in one day to earn the crown.

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