2007 Stories and Memories

 Hey Chuck!!! Thanksgiving yet again comes and again I come to memories of my beloved family those present and those who have made the ultimate sacrifice. I truly miss you Chuck. You have guided me in every goal and aspect I have achieved or have tried to accomplish. I can not forget all the precious moments I have shared with you and my cousin Norma and the kids and my family in general. I truly and whole heartedly miss you when this time of the year comes around because your the only one who can ever put a smile on my face; or pat my back and give me that reassurance I needed letting me know everything is going to be ok. I know that your up in heaven looking down and guiding me as I proceed to succeed. You have played an important role in my life and still to this day do play a role in my life as an angel to whisper good counsel in my ear. As I sit here I recall You telling me " Now you are the man of the house pal; if you should ever need me im here for you. Your father may have passed but im here for you. You can call me at anytime if you ever needed me". I must say you live up to your word chuck. Your the best cousin any man could have asked for. I love you with "every fiber of my being"....Please let my Cousin Norma know I love them all Lil Chuck who by the way is not lil anymore..lol...my lil cousin Norma Jean who is not lil anymore niether...Last but definitely not least My aunt Carmen, Uncle Ernesto, and my Cousin Ernie Jr and Ruth..Have them know their family in Manhattan loves them and send them a blessing this Thanksgiving for me. I love you chuck!!!!

Oct 19, 2007 WALL WALL WALL

From 1992 until 2000 you were my coach, as well as all of the other Twisters and Dancers. To this day I cannot drive passed the Alba House or Miller Field and not have your voice in my head screaming "WALL WALL WALL". You taught me alot and I thank you for that. I'm sure you're taking care of this up there, while keeping everyone safe down here. We miss and love you very much!
 Jessica Finkelstein

Oct 14, 2007 2007 is another year

Thinking of the Margiotta family as another September passes into October. I wear a memorial bracelet for Chuck to keep his memory alive. He lives in your hearts.

Marc Scrivener

Sep 14, 2007 The Giants Preseason Game
 On Saturday 8/11/07 as I was laying around feeling sorry for myself, you know the way you get so self absorbed in your own problems, the kind of day when you forget to count your blessings. My lovely neice, Janine, calls me and asked me to please join her and her Dad {my brother, Steven} to go to the Giants game with them. I would never refuse Janine anything. But it`s the last thing I wanted to do. Being a good Aunt Susie I said yes and went with them. For those of you that know us then you also know Steven is in a wheelchair. So this was no easy task. We had every problem you can think off. We had to park in the next county and get a special van to pick us up to bring us to the stadium. We had huge ramps to get up. I pushed and Steven tried so hard to make it easy for me. We had sent Janine ahead so she could see Eli, her idol. When Steve and I finally got to the right gate, to our surprise our seats were in the sixth row. There was no way Steve could get down the thirty steps, just no way. We talked to an usher, he gives us directions to another gate where there is room for folding chairs and people with handicaps. We get there, he shows us just where to sit and as I`m wheeling Steven over I spotted the beautiful plaque erected in Chuckys honor.I was like oh my God Steven look where we are!!!!!!!!!!!! We were right behind the plaque!!!!!!!!!!! We were in awe of where we ended up. Then a second passed and I was looking in the eyes of beautiful Norma. My mind wasn`t fast enough to even understand. We all hugged and kissed and hugged some more. Beautiful Norma Jean was there with her boyfriend and two other sweet ladies. Norma I think you and your family are so wonderful and I love you very much. I heard you tell the lady next to you we were Chuckys best friends and how we grew up together. I was so proud to feel important to you and Chucky. Thank you for that. You know I love Chucky forever. I never cried so hard and for so long in my whole life when we lost him. I keep him safe and warm in my heart, I love you for making him so happy and giving him such beautiful children. And when my Pop passed and you and the kids came to console me and my family I thought that was so kind. Heaven is just around the corner and it`s a comfort to us all to know we will rejoin our loved ones. Peace, Love & Tenderness to you all.
Susan Cicio

Sep 11, 2007 Six Years

Dear Chuck:

Six years and this morning the tears were flowing as if it was yesterday. I went to Mass this morning and they tolled the bells at the exact moment you left us. I spoke with Aunt Harriette and she said she was having a hard time. She couldn't stop crying. Of course when we spoke with your Mom we held in our emotions. Then I called Kristi and she felt the same way. I wonder if a 9/11 will come where we can be stoic and strong. I doubt it. Is it because you were such an enormous presence on this earth.....probably. I read the wonderful article Frank Somma wrote about you. What an amazing story. He captured your very essence. Again, I was sobbing when I read it. It was so you. We all still miss your big, blustery presence and I guess we always will.
Keep a watch over us all, we need it.


Aunt Glenda

Sep 11, 2007 Sing with me Chuck

Today is bittersweet for me, because "one of my brother's" is not here to sing with me anymore. Chuck, Mike, Frank, and I used to sing Doo-wop for hours at a time...until all of our voices sounded just like Chuck's "grovel." Funny, how Chuck was always trying to chase my falsetto. You other guys remember, right?

Now I sing to you Chuck: (to the melody of Dion's Abraham, Martin, and John)

"Has anybody here...seen my old friend Chuck?"
"Can you tell me where he's gone...?"
"He saved alot of people, but it seems the good they die young..."
...."I just looked around...and he's gone..."

I love you CHUCK.
Pete Tarangelo

Sep 11, 2007 Friend
 Charlie and I were teammates at Brown. I got a call from Charlie about 3 weeks before Sept 11, 2001. He left a message on our voice mail, that even though I hadn't spoken to him in over 10 years, I immediately knew his voice. He was imploring me to return for the football anniversary celebration at Brown in the fall. I returned his call and we talked for almost an hour trading stories and rememberances of our time at Brown, what we were currently up to and the commitment to see each other in a few months. The Charlie I spoke with was the the same young man I remember during our Freshman week at Brown, funny, full of life, always willing to take a risk and help anyone who needed help. His macho image was a cover for the real guy underneath.

It's hard to believe it's 6 years later but Charlie lives on in the memories of all those who knew him and of the stories everyone passes along about him. I will continue to do this and hope everyone continues to remember him and do the same.

With Respect

Ron Frantz

Sep 11, 2007 Still in our thoughts....

 To the Margiotta Family,

It is hard to believe that 6 years have passed. Know that Chuck's memory is very much alive and we think about him and talk about him very often and still have his photo in our home. Now that we are living in Texas, people are curious as to the events and the effects that surround 9-11. I don't think that the majority of the people who live here can even fathom the impact of that day. They really have no way to personnaly associate or connect themselves with the event, they have no direct ties to the thousands that gave their lives for what we all believe in. It is funny, we are still in the same country, but it is very obvious that people here are somewhat in the shadows as to the real impact that it has made on the lives of New Yorkers. They are amazed when I proudly talk about Chuck and the heroics that made him "one of our country's HERO'S", I tell them about his wonderful family and what they have to live with now on a daily basis. I find that by educating these people as to what it means to say "I am proud to be an American...I am proud to say that I know Chuck Margiotta!", this will enable them to know that the pictures of the people that they saw on TV were more than just photos. They were husbands and wives, mothers and fathers, sisters and brothers, and each and everyone of them was "someones child".

This morning as I got ready for work I quickly flipped through the TV channels looking for something commemorating today. I caught a very short brief on the news, and the moment of silence for our fallen hero's. I wanted to hear all of the names read aloud again, but that did not happen.It was just a short news brief, but it brought me home again and to the reality of what has taken place.

I am somewhat embarrassed to say that it has been a few months since I last looked at Chuck's website, but I am glad that I came here today to write you a brief note and let you know that I am thinking about all of you. There are many new photos that I had not seen before, and each one certainly tells its own story.

I hope everyone in the family is doing well, and know that even though 1600 miles now seperates me from what will "always be home to me", does not mean that we will ever forget!

God Bless you all...........Joanne & Lou Di Bella & Family

Sep 11, 2007 Still in our hearts and memories

Today is Sept. 11th 2007 and I still have in my mind the heroic act you did for this country, that will never be forgotten. You will forever live in our hearts and memories.
To the Margiotta family... your husband and father was a special man who touched alot of people, his memory will live on forever as a token of his kindness and bravery... it takes a special person to do what he did for all of us. continue to find the strength in god until the day you are once again reunited with him in heaven...god bless.

Jul 25, 2007 Response to Magazine Article

Hi Mike my name is Scott Roland and I work in engine 283. I was reading bowhunter magazine and I read the article about your brother. I'd first like to say I'm very sorry for your loss, although it sounds like there is plenty of reason to celebrate Chuck's life. The article really grabbed me for a few reasons, one I'm a fireman, two I'm an avid hunter and fisherman, and three my brother is my hunting buddy and I know how Frank must feel every time he hunts that farm. I actually grew up in NJ so that's where I hunt, and strangely enough in Monmouth County not far from where Frank lives. Well, it sounds like Chuck lived life to the fullest and was an avid hunter as well as a great family man...I wish I could have met him! Chuck and the other 342 brother's will never be forgotten!!!!
 Scott Roland

Jul 20, 2007 Fourh

Hey Chuck.. I just cannot help it.. comes fourth of July and you are in my mind all the time. The fun we had on that little side driveway can't be measured, and can't be duplicated. The food, the drink, the friends. You always wanted us to go into the pool. I was hot as hell one fourth, and you were headed to pick me up and throw me in..I figured "I'm too heavy, he can't lift me.." Ummm.. I was soo wrong.. like a feather. But, your eyes betrayed your bad boy persona. You never would have done it to me, you saw my panic. Gently you put me down, and threw that head back laughing..I knew you could have done it in an instant, but I also knew I could trust you. They say you were bigger than life, but inside of you it always seemed to me the gentlest of souls laid in that big body. Your daughter is stunning, we were all at Michael's graduation party from Brown. Norma looked beautiful as always, and Norma Jean took my breath away, she's not only beautiful, she's a sweet kid. Such a sweet boyfriend also. I can just imagine the razzing that poor kid would have gotten!!! Sarah looked beautiful also, they have grown into such together people. That night, you were NOT forgotten, you were with us all. You could see it in Mike's eyes, in your Mom and Dad's eyes, Normas.. everyones...but we always feel you there Chuck.. it's surely not the same, but you were bigger than life while here, and your memory remains bigger than life now. You are missed my friend.. Love to you kiddo...**Melissa Cicio

May 22, 2007 Slip of the Tongue
 Chuck...I guess you are always on my mind even when I am not aware of it. We have all been waiting on pins and needles for Michael to get his grades. There was no room for failure as he needed to pass 5 classes this semester in order to graduate.

Well...HE DID IT!!!!!! When I called mom to tell her the news, my subconscious took over and I heard myself say, "Ma...CHUCK passed all his classes." I know you were with Michael every step of the way. I know you are as proud as we are to see him graduate from Brown.

You're always with us. Thanks for everything. I love you.

 Mike Margiotta


My story is one I will not soon forget. When my great grandmother died we went to someones house after the funeral. I walked around the house with the other kids sometimes stopping to sit on my dads lap. Right as we were leaving my mother turned and said good-bye to a big man sitting in a chair near the window. He turned to me and said "You know your named after one of my most favorite people in the whole world?" I had no idea who this man was and who he was talking about. We left. Years later I realized that it was Chuckie. When I went to his funeral I cried and cried. That was my first funeral. I didn't cry because I thought thats what you were supposed to do. I did it because when Michael got up to talk and he was crying........... it broke my heart. I often wish that I had been older and had gotten to talk to him more. Find out who he really was and have gotten to know him more. The memory of that day will be with me forever and some. Until I come face to face with that big man that I remember so fondly.

Molly Grompone

Apr 17, 2007 Chuck

My dad passed away on march 26th. i hope you guys are having a few laughs up there with the big GUY.
Of course your dad and brother, Mike came to the wake. it was great to see them. Tonto and Frank Spinelli came too. My father loved you and im sure you were waiting to greet him. Take care of him. I guess he will be coaching us when we all meet again.

Joe Gags

PS Tonto's sister still looks about 21!!

Apr 7, 2007 Thanks

Thanks for watching over me today. I love you so much and i thank you for keeping Rob and me safe! I know you are always watching over me everyday even in scary accidents like today! I love you and i miss you. Keep watching over me my Guardian Angel.

Norma Jean Margiotta

Mar 4, 2007 Another Chuck story

Yesterday, 3/3/07, I returned home from the doctor's office where I had gotten some lousy health news and turned on the television, not paying much attention. A movie was starting, and an emergency on a bridge was portrayed. As a fire apparatus responded, there was a shot of the driver. I did a double take as I saw it was Chuck. I had never seen "Frequency" before, and my attention became riveted. I checked IMDb and confirmed he was in it, then watched the whole movie and my whole frame of mind improved greatly. Thanks, Chuck.

Chuck and I first met at Brown in the fall of 1975. I was a police supervisor, and Chuck was streaking outside the West Quad. I put the arm of the law on his biceps - and immediately realized I had hooked a big one. Within 30 minutes, I knew all there was to know - he told me then that his goal was to become a New York firefighter with a Brown degree. Since I was an alum, I could empathize. To put it simply, his enthusiasm and humor won me over and he was not charged. We continued to greet one another when ever our paths crossed over the next four years. I later married another member of the class of 1979, and she and Chuck had also been friends, he as her "protector" from other less than gentlemen.

My best to all the Margiottas. So sorry for everyone's loss. Watch the film.


Feb 9, 2007 Chuck
Words will never describe you. Although i do not say much here, i think about you often.I have 5 kids now Chuck, and i wish they all could have known you. As years have past since 9/11, i have grown increasingly quiet. Thank God for my wife Lori and our beautiful children. The baby is only 6 and walks around like a tough guy. You would love to watch him play football. He plays fullback like Moore, except hes fast!! God bless you my Brother. i will see you again.


Joe Gags

Jan 13, 2007 Happy Birthday in Heaven

 Happy Birthday in Heaven Lieu!


Jan 11, 2007 Happy Birthday My Brother

As another year passes and your birthday approaches, my thoughts fill my heart with enough memories to keep going on.

I think of you sheepishly waiting to blow out your birthday candles and surrender to the onslaught of punches you would receive after doing so. You knew EVERYONE would get some good shots in...me, Dad, Michael, Charlie, Sarah and Norma Jean. Norma would get a kick out of watching it, and Mom and Patti would keep yelling, "That's enough!"

You loved your birthday beatings because we were all together.

It will never sink into my head that my "older" brother is now my "younger" brother. It will NEVER feel right.

You have given me so much guidance and strength. My daily life is dictated by what I think you would want me to do. I know you would want me to be happy...so I try to be. Little by little I am starting to cope with my loss. My thoughts are now starting to be mostly about what we had and shared together, and less about what I lost. I have now come to realize that I will never really lose you. You just stay young in my mind and heart, while I get older.

Mom always asks me how old you are now. I always give her the same answer..."He's STILL 44." She gets a kick out of that.

I love you and miss you...Happy Birthday.
 Mike Margiotta