2008 Stories and Memories

Dec 18, 2008 Today I wore my Chuckie t-shirt

Today I wore my "Chuckie" t-shirt to school. You get either one of two reactions. One is that people see your shirt and don't want to make you uncomfortable with questions and the other is where people will come right up to you and ask "Who's that?"
When I walked into my fist period class my teacher saw my shirt and nodded. Later at the end of class she came up to me and asked if I wanted to tell the class about Chuckie. I said sure and got up. I told everything from Chuckie on his way home to his call to Aunt Molly. Now, not a lot of things can make a room full of ninth grade freshmen stay quiet but this story did. By the end they all had tears in their eyes and the only sound to be heard was the faint sound of sniffling. My teacher asked if she could tell Chuckie’s story to her other classes and I said sure.
At lunch people kept coming up to me and telling me the reaction they got when they told Chuckie’s story to their classes. I’m sure Chuckie got a kick out of the reaction he was getting from people.
At the end of the day a senior came up to me and told me that Chuckie’s story had made it all the way up to the senior classrooms. It didn't shock me but it was still cool to hear. Once again I could feel that Chuckie was "A happy camper". Before leaving the boy said "Your cousin was a really cool dude." and all I said was "I know".

Molly Grompone

Dec 17, 2008 Dear Mike

Dear Mike,

All of you might find this unbelievable, but we think of Chuck almost every day. Dad wears his hat almost every day too. We talk about Chuck and the family and dad cries every time. Believe me, no one here will ever forget this day etched in the blood of so many people.

Our thoughts are with you…GOD BLESS.
Mom & Dad Sutton

Dec 17, 2008 God Bless

Our family will always remember Chuck.
Chuck and all those lost and touched by this senseless act are forever in our prayers. Especially today.

God Bless and Peace be with You.
Bob, Jennifer & Josh Vitlip

Dec 17, 2008 Denver Fireman
You were in my thoughts and prayers today. All the old memories came back. It is good to see that you and your extended family are remembering Chuck but are able to move on and live like he would have wanted you to.

A Denver fireman climbed 110 floors today in full gear. One of them carried your brother's picture in tribute to him.

Always my best, Diana

Dec 17, 2008 7 Years
Chuck it has been 7 years since you joined the Holy Fire Dept , I hope you're still making Bats and Balls every Sunday for them like you did for us in the Firehouse. God Bless you and your family. We miss you. Don't worry your trailer is still going strong. Hunting season is coming soon,keep a watch over me. Tom L-85
Dec 17, 2008 Prayers of support

Prayers of support and remembrance go out to the Margiotta family today. Chuck is not forgotten. His name and memory live on in the stories we tell our children and those we meet. We will never forget the sacrifices that have been made. We hold you up in prayer. Chuck was a classmate of mine at Brown University. Please know that many, many people are thinking of you today and everyday. God bless you all.

Laura Foster

Dec 17, 2008 Another September 11

Another September 11. Another hunting season begins, seven years have
passed and still, I can't believe we won't be together Saturday. I feel
your loss always but never more poignantly than I do now.

I was robbed, you were robbed, millions of families were robbed and this is
just one lonely story of what your heroism, which meant so much to the
world, took from us at the same time.

I'll talk to you today and talk to you on opening day and I will see you, in
Hoffman's driveway waiting for me, collating your gear, ready with that wry
smile that tells me you are ALWAYS there first. I will walk with you into
the darkness silently communicating our anticipation of the rising dawn and
the day to come. When the hunt ends, I will see you beneath my tree,
talking to me about our communion in the woods and I will replay the same
glorious moment we have shared for the past 22 years.

I will remember you the way I remember you, doing what we loved and I swear;
Frank Somma

Dec 17, 2008 I knew Charlie at Brown

 I knew Charlie at Brown. He was a chum. It was funny, because I was sort of an English/Humanities nerd and he was a big, popular football player. He seemed to have a protective attitude about me. I was from Long Island, and of course he had his Staten Island accent. We started, as a goof, a rock band, with Charlie singing and me playing bass. I think we got some discarded props. We actually had a couple of practices in the basement of Delta Tau. I felt priveleged to be around a football player. He was definitely one of a kind. I still have a batch of pictures of him and Alfie Kohn, who has since become a prominant writer, and some other Brown notables. In the picture is also Lisa Cobb,who was considered by us guys as the prettiest girl in the class. Anyway, he was an exceptional fellow. He did not fit any mold I knew of, and definitely made my college experience a lot more entertaining.

Damon LaBarbera


Feb 24, 2008 Frequency

 I retired from the FDNY in 2004. I worked with Chuck on the movie "Frequency." He was the Chauffer and I was the OVM in the warehouse fire scene. We had a blast together and I enjoyed Chuck's New Yawk tough-guy demeanor. So did the cast and crew! Feel free to email me and let me know how y'all are doing...God Bless, Tim.

Jan 25, 2008 On and Off the Screen
 I happened to tune into a movie the other day and on the screen is a prisoner being held at a funeral site and to my surprise,,, there you were,,, the cop holding the prisoner... Although no words were spoken by you,,, your presence filled the screen...

It made me proud to have know you in life and made me think how like on that screen,,, your presence has and still does fill the lives of so many people...

God Bless

Tom Tortorici

Jan 19, 2008 Never Forgotten

You're always in my heart and prayers as is your family. Happy belated birthday Chuck.
 Michael Coraggio

Jan 17, 2008 Thanks Dad

 I just wanted to say thanks for being there for us through these last couple of months and guiding Charlie to success and getting an acceptance letter to Wagner College where he will be attending this fall. I am very proud of him and I know you are even prouder then I. Keep watching over us, especially Charlie, during his last leg at Monsignor Farrell and help him and guide him to a successful transition into College!

Jan 15, 2008 Happy Birthday

I just wanted to wish you a Happy Birthday.

 Alana Moxley

Jan 14, 2008 Happy Birthday

Just wanted to wish you a very happy birthday in heaven. Have a blast and enjoy !!!!!
Kim (kiwi09265)

Jan 14, 2008 Happy Birthday
 Well another birthday is here. I hope you are having a HUGE party. Unfortunately too many of your friends have joined you too soon.

Mom will ask me tomorrow..."So how old is Chuckie now?" And I will tell her the same thing I have told her for the past 7 years..."He's STILL 44." Then we will laugh until we cry, and we will hug each other very tight, all the while wishing you were between our embrace.

My wish on YOUR birthday is that you truely know how I feel about losing you. Not for you to feel bad for me. I just hope that Heaven is a place where everyone's feelings, which are impossible to express and put into words on earth, are just somehow understood. Believing this always makes me happy.

I love you and miss you...Keep giving me strength to move on through life.

The strength you give me has allowed me to start enjoying life again...and I know you would want that more than anything.

Love...Your brother in this world and the world that follows.

Mike Margiotta