2010 Stories and Memories

Nov 15, 2010 Hunting Season


I was just on Chucks site because I was thinking about opening day in Jersey and, of course, that means a flood of memories of Chuck.

I no longer hunt Hoffman's farm which may be just as well since it is so intertwined with my memories of my hunting life with him.

I'm probably better off leaving it a hallowed ground for hallowed memories but no matter what, every year when the season opens, it is bittersweet I still love the opener but I loved it more with him and along with my gear and my gun I drag that sadness with me into the woods every Fall.

Frank Somma

Nov 6, 2010 I remember Charlie...

 I remember Charlie loved the movies.

When I mentioned one day to Charlie and Bruce that I had never seen "High Plains Drifter," your brother in particular reacted the way one does when a friend has just accidentally injured himself with a power tool but is too sheepish to acknowledge that perhaps he is bleeding all over the floor excessively and should get his ass to the E.R. pronto.

The two of them, shaking their heads silently, literally dragged me to a Brown Film Society showing later that night. Something about "priorities!" ;-)

They'd already seen it several times but relished every frame anyway.

It's my favorite Eastwood film to date and I've associated it with Charlie and Bruce ever since!

All the best,

Matt Scott

Oct 18, 2010 Freshman at Brown

 Charlie. That's how I knew him when we were freshmen at Brown.

I lived a few doors down from him and his roommate Bruce in a room that I discovered during my first week on campus the Brown Daily Herald liked to use as a punchline. (Something along the lines of "Well, freshmen, if you're unhappy with your accommodations remember it could always be worse: You could be living across from the laundry room in the basement of Bronson House." Which I was!)

I'd gone to a school in Manhattan that for peculiar reasons had no real sports (don't ask) and so I grew up knowing few jocks. Charlie and Bruce widened my horizons and blew away all stereotypes that I (hopefully unconsciously) might have been suffering from. They were intelligent, open-minded and possessed sharp senses of humor with an unashamed fondness for the ridiculous and goofy as well as for dry and understated wit. While they were proud to be football players there wasn't a cliquish bone in their bodies and they never held my lack of an athletic background against me. They were just, I don't know, uninhibited and openhearted.

Another thing that made Charlie stand out was that he knew all the way back then what he wanted. He told me and everyone else that while he was happy to use his football scholarship (I think I'm remembering correctly that he had one) to earn an Ivy League degree, he planned eventually...positively...to return to Staten Island and become a fireman. Period.

Mission accomplished.

I had a hard time that year and eventually got thrown out (I returned later) but Charlie and Bruce were bright spots in a lousy year for me. Though I didn't seek him out when I came back in 1978 (I think I was still kind of ashamed of myself) and only knew him for that brief time from 1975-1976, I never forgot his name or how he'd treated me.

My impression was that Charlie was both very funny and very kind. I imagine that's how he lived the rest of his life.

When I learned a few months after 9/11 what had happened I thought about somehow communicating my small story to his family but it felt like I might be imposing so I am glad this site exists (which I only just stumbled over, almost ten years after the fact.) Thank you for inviting me to share these thoughts.

Honest to God and without a trace of phony sentiment, I've always remembered him fondly through the years, both before the tragedy...and since.


Matt Scott

Sep 27, 2010 September Tradition

I see that Charles is known as Chuck. Right after 9-11 I received a bracelet with the name Charles Margiotta on it. I wore the bracelet the first year everyday reminding me to pray for Charles and his family and all of those who lost their lives that day. After that year I took the bracelet off and put it away until I could figure out what else to do with it. When September came around again, I took the bracelet out and wore it the entire month, praying daily for Charles and his family. It has become a tradition for me to wear the bracelet every September.

Today I found the website and just felt compelled to let you know that there are still people praying for your comfort in the midst of such a tragic loss as well as for the repose of Chuck’s soul. Thank you.

Ann Berkins

Sep 18, 2010 Thoughts and Prayers

My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family today.

I have very fond memories of Chuck from our Farrell days, and although we went in separate directions, I'll always feel he made a positive impact on my life.

I just know he's looking down on you and your family, as he is also looking down on all that he ever came in contact with. That I'm sure of because Chuck wouldn't have it any other way!

Take care.

Paul Segreto

Sep 18, 2010 Never Forget
God Bless Chuck's Family and all those who share a loss on this most awful day in America. My prayers and thoughts are with them today. WE WILL NEVER FORGET!!

 Audrey Porter Plummer

Sep 18, 2010 Remembering

I'll be remembering that awful day, and think of all the other's who's lives will be forever changed b/c of the heros. I was there, and unlike the brave ones, I tried to get out of TriBeCa, not closer to GZ... I appreciate their work, then and now.

 Loren Werner Svetvilas

Sep 18, 2010 Amazing Man

I did take many moments to read about this amazing man. People like him makes you mindful about the good in people. He more than touched a lot of people, he changed and formed them. The world is blessed to have had him with us.

Diane Riley

Sep 18, 2010 Honoring

I only wish I could have been there that day to help, but that was the day of my Mom's funeral in Staten Island. Men like Charlie Margiotta are the true American heroes and we can most honor them by preserving them in our hearts. Thanks Charlie and all those who lost their lives that day.

Daniel Bruscella

Feb 24, 2010 Man's Man
I worked as a bouncer with chuck at a local bar. We called him "Cut 'em up Chuck". I just want to say that he was a true man's man and I always knew that when he was working, there were no problems we couldn't handle. He treated everyone with good humor and respect. He loved his family and would do anything for his friends ( this he proved with his ultimate sacrifice).

I'll never forget seeing him in the movie "The Cowboy Way". I hadn't seen him in a couple of years and when I watched the movie, I said to my wife "That looks like Chuck. Holy S**t ! That IS Chuck!!" I got a huge kick out of that.

I just want to say that I'm very glad to see that the bike run and scholorship have been established in his name and I will do everything I can to attend.

God Bless you Chuck, and thank you for being my friend for the short time we knew each other.

Glenn Grady

Jan 18, 2010 Ok here's a Pumpy story...
 Ok here's a Pumpy story on his birthday weekend showing what friendship meant to Charlie.

Delta Tau 1979. I (The Big E) had an arrangement with Charlie's best friend Brucie that I would hold and be responsible for"SOMETHING." That evening Bruce, Charlie and QB Mark Whipple(current U of Miami Offensive Cooordinator) over indulged in shots of hard alcohol while reminiscing about the undefeated Freshman Brown Football Team(The Cardiac Kids). As a result, Bruce was forced to chop my dorm room door down with a double sided ax when I refused to open the door and give him "SOMETHING."

When I appealed to Charlie the next day for support of my actions he stated, "NEVER HOLD OUT ON A FRIEND!!!!" I said, "But we had an ARRANGEMENT!!" "NEVER HOLD OUT ON A FRIEND!!!" "He chopped my door down with an AX!!!" "NEVER HOLD OUT ON A FRIEND!!!" "We both could have got in trouble!!" "NEVER HOLD OUT ON A FRIEND!!!" "You're defending him chopping my door down???!!!" "NEVER HOLD OUT ON A FRIEND!!!" So the lesson was learned from Pumpy that day, "NEVER HOLD OUT ON A FRIEND!!!" I keep that in mind to this day!!!

The Big E (Marc Estrich)

Jan 15, 2010 A Very Happy Birthday
Ohhhhh I wish him a very happy birthday. His memories are living forever. He loves you very much for this. You have put your whole self into keeping them alive. In fact,so many people have, Isn't it wonderful? Even someone from Enumclaw Wa. Because she too is a Margiotta. :)

 Janie Margiotta

Jan 15, 2010 Touchdown!!!
Happy Birthday in Heaven, Chuck!!!!!!! You took the Express Train Directly to Heaven….Non Stop!!!! I think of you every day and ask you, with that big smile of your’s, to pray for me! I will never forget in’74 your touchdown pass when you didn’t run the right route and went straight for the ball in the End Zone …….I KNOW you were saying to yourself: “ Hell, I want me a touchdown and I am going to get one”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVED it…WHY? Because you were just being Chuck and I was so happy for you….and, secretly, I was laughing my ass off!!!! God Bless Your Soul, Chuck. One of the most amazing people I ever coached as there was only ONE CHUCK!!! God threw away the mold when you were born…….NO ONE like you!!!!!! Love you Always, Coach B

Jan 15, 2010 Happy Birthday

 We'll always remember the Margiotta boys, Mike and Charlie. Two great brothers and two great guys! We only found out a few months ago that Charlie had died on 9/11 and were deeply saddened. We will always remember his smile, his laugh, and his big personality. Happy birthday in Heaven!

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